Proline X-Cavating Ltd.: Our Equipment

Proline X-Cavating Ltd.’s snowcat is rare as it is able to run throughout the summer with a mulcher head attached. This unique design was adapted in an effort to reduce environmental impact of traditional mulching equipment.

The mulcher head is 12’ across, is able to take down 6” wood, and is able to cut willows and grass with minimal environmental effects.

This unit is useful in maintaining overhead power line vegetation, pipeline right of ways, and soft areas that conventional mowers are unable to access. In the fall, the mower is replaced with a multidirectional blade for winter snow removal.

Our other snowcat is designed only for winter work and can be used for opening pipeline right of way access, freeze down of muskeg access roads, and snow removal in areas where heavier equipment has difficulty.

Our tractors can be fitted with the following: 12’ 4 way blade, rear drag with cutting edge to maintain ice roads, or a 13’ Kellow breaking disc and packer.

Proline has 3 backhoes and a 225 zero tail swing excavator, available with a variety of digging and finishing buckets.

We have a rubber tire 332 skidsteer as well as a compact track 332 skidsteer. The skidsteers have the following attachments available: pallet forks, post hole auger driller, street sweeper, and a 6’ mulcher head.

Trucks & Trailers
Our trucks and trailers are designed to handle medium loads. For equipment or material transportation to and from the worksite, you can count on our trucks and trailers.

Now that you know a little about our equipment, see what services we can do for you.